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Zinho, the leading garlic bread brand in the market!

*According to Nielsen 2023 data

From North to South, Zinho has become synonymous with flavor and tradition in garlic bread. With two decades of pioneering spirit, we have conquered the taste buds and recognition of Brazilians. Proudly, we are the only brand present in 100% of the states, bringing the Original flavor of our garlic bread to every corner of the national territory.

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Our products will certainly provide a differential for your point of sale. Contact us to get all the information about resale.

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Zinho around the world

After conquering every corner of Brazil, our journey takes flight to spread flavor and joy around the world. We want to bring the vibrant essence of Brazilian barbecue, a moment where garlic bread is a true indispensable protagonist.

Since 2018, our flavors have crossed borders, winning over palates in the United States. In 2019, we started a delicious journey in Mercosur, embracing Paraguay and Uruguay. And surely this is just the beginning!

Exported Products

Currently, we export our garlic bread in baguette format outside of Brazil, in Traditional and Spicy flavors.

International Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the high quality standards we maintain. Each stage of production is carefully controlled, from the selection of ingredients to the moment our garlic bread reaches international tables, ensuring a unique experience with every bite.

We believe that distance should not be a barrier for those seeking the best in flavor and tradition. Therefore, our expertise in logistics ensures that our products reach the most distant destinations, maintaining the quality and freshness that have made us a reference. The highest quality standards set us apart, earning the trust of consumers worldwide.

In addition, we use advanced technology to monitor and maintain the ideal temperature throughout the journey. This ensures that, even in different climates, our products cross borders as fresh as they leave our factory.

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Own Brands

Why have your own brand with Zinho?

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High Production Capacity

Production of 4 million
trays per month.

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Recipe compliant with
the new legislation.

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New flavors

Availability to develop exclusive formulations and flavors.

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Greater shelf life in the category

Products with 90 days of validity.

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The migration of Brazilian retail: According to a private label study conducted by Nielsen, Brazilian private label retail grew by 5.6% in 2021.

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European model: Still according to a private label study conducted by Nielsen, the European private label market holds 32% of the market share.

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Benefits of having a private label: Better margins, competitive advantage over competitors, brand consolidation and value increase, more competitive prices, ability to handle smaller batches or test new SKUs implementation.

Our Partners


Meet the Zinho Brand

Zinho is a brand that carries in its DNA the affection of happy moments, with family and friends. Alongside the tradition of gatherings around the table, enjoying good food and good company!


Adding the final touch of flavor and relaxation to the barbecue moment.


Zinho is a reference in the garlic bread category and is strongly associated with the barbecue moment.

The Zinho Brand

A simple logo, yet full of meanings! The red and yellow. The warm, striking, and vibrant combination, as good moments should be! The ellipse embraces and surrounds the strong and affectionate name that has conquered Brazil.

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Download the complete manual

If you are a Zinho partner, you can access the complete brand usage manual so that your communication remains aligned with ours!

Our Materials

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